Avoid these 5 frightful dental tricks


1. Super gluing vampire fangs to your teeth

Some trick-or-treaters and partygoers who dressed as vampires have used nail glue or super glue to keep their fangs in place.


Frightening consequences: Not only are these glues toxic, but you could also damage your tooth enamel, fracture your tooth or pull it out completely when trying to remove the fangs.



2. Creating homemade braces

Recent videos demonstrate how elastic hair ties or rubber bands are used as alternatives to braces.


Scary outcome: This homemade hack can result in serious damage to gums and teeth, lead to tooth loss and cause pain. Teeth must be moved into the right position over the proper amount of time by an orthodontist.



3. Adding gems to teeth

Some people apply jewels to their teeth without engaging a professional who works in a sterile, clean environment.


Chilling aftermath: If applied with the wrong bond, gems can cause tooth discoloration and damage. Even when properly attached, tooth gems can cause cavities and gum disease when food and plaque accumulate under and around the jewelry.



4. Shaving down teeth with a nail file

If you can file your nails, why not your teeth? As a few DIYers found out, teeth don’t grow back after being filed.


Spooky results: This ineffective trick doesn’t solve the problem of why teeth are uneven. Amateur dentistry of this type can result in pain, tooth sensitivity and cavities, along with teeth and nerve damage.



5. Whitening teeth with 3% hydrogen peroxide

Social media users have shared videos of them applying peroxide to their teeth with cotton swabs.


Creepy repurcussions: This bleaching method can result in tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Your dentist can help you find safer whitening options.


Always talk to your dentist before considering any dental changes. Many professional procedures are surprisingly easy and affordable.

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