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The facts of a tooth’s life

When you’re born, your teeth may be out of sight, but they’re still hard at work developing! Follow the life cycle of a tooth — you may be surprised how early the journey begins. 

More reasons to Grin!

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Everything looks good at the farmers market. But only some choices are also good for your smile.

Make smart picks.
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Your smartphone makes life easier but you may be surprised to find it can make it harder to maintain great oral health. We’re calling out potential dangers to your smile. 

Find smart tips.

Activities to make you smile

Mouth-friendly recipe: green shakshuka

Want more protein and greens in your diet? Then you’ll love this tasty way to boost your energy.

Your spring smile list

Spring is the season for renewal. Find new reasons to eat right, get outside and enjoy the season for all it’s worth.

How healthy is your kitchen?

A healthy kitchen can equal a healthy smile. Do the foods and drinks you keep around your house benefit your oral health?

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