Have a happy, healthy New Year's celebration

Break out the boards.

Keep things simple, yet fun. Play your favorite board games and make a cheese board for easy, healthy snacking. You can make your cheese board even more delicious and smile-friendly by adding crunchy nuts and in-season pears.

Get a good laugh.

Watch a funny movie. It’s not only fun but research shows laughing is good for your mental well-being, heart health and immune system. You can enjoy a tasty snack by adding lower-sugar dark chocolate and nuts to your popcorn but skip the sticky dried fruit. This healthier snack mix is full of antioxidants, nutrients and fiber.

Show off your moves. 

For an exhilarating form of exercise, dance the night away. Make a playlist and ask your family to add their favorite songs. Upbeat music will put you in a good mood and exercise is a great stress buster. Reducing stress can help you ward off some oral health problems including gum disease.

Start a new tradition. 

People around the world have some interesting ways to mark the new year. Shake things up by finding different ideas for celebrating. Read our article for some healthy approaches for ending this year and beginning next year.

Look forward.

Write down your resolutions and create a vision board with images of what you want to achieve next year. One study showed people who document their goals are 33% more successful in reaching them than those who simply thought about their objectives.1

Wait to celebrate.

If you’re looking for a quiet way to mark the new year, get up early and watch the first sunrise for an inspiring beginning. Get your smile off to a good start, too, with our chocolate eggnog muffin recipe. Pair them with one of our winter drinks recipes, too. 


While you look forward to next year, don’t forget to take a few moments to reflect on your accomplishments from this past year.


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