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Play for your happiness and health

Getting up and moving has so many benefits for your health and well-being, no matter your age. Setting an example for your kids about the importance of exercise can help them develop a lifetime of good habits. Here are five ways to incorporate movement (and more fun!) into your family's routine.

1. Get moving during screen time

Who says screen time has to be on the couch? Do an online yoga or aerobics class together. If your child likes video games, choose one that incorporates exercise. And during that next video chat, stand up to demonstrate what you're talking about. Check out our article for ways to feel more confident during those chats.


2. Devote time each day to play

Spend some time together shooting hoops, kicking a soccer ball around and playing hide-and-go-seek or catch. Organize a family-style Olympics where everyone competes to see who can jump rope the longest or do the most jumping jacks. If playing could get a little rough, consider having your child wear a mouth guard to help protect their teeth.


3. Turn a mundane trip into an adventure

If you need to go someplace that isn’t too far away, why not walk or bike there instead of driving? Develop a new family tradition of daily walks. A walk can help everyone’s physical and mental health — especially in the sunshine, which helps your body produce vitamin D for healthy bones. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.


4. Make routine tasks more engaging

Turn up the music and transform chore time into a dance party! Have you ever tried to dance while sweeping, dusting, cleaning a room or doing the dishes? Who can dance and clean the most in 15 minutes? It’s a challenge that’s sure to make your whole family smile.


5. Find ways to get outside

Divide into teams and have a water balloon fight. Do a scavenger hunt or hula hoop contest. Make use of that swing set, or just run around in the backyard. Celebrate victories by jumping up and down to get your heart pumping.


There are countless benefits of adding more exercise to your family's day

Makes you feel happier and less stressed. This can help you avoid oral health problems such as teeth grinding and mouth sores.

Increases your energy levels. Getting up and moving can give you a boost of energy.

Benefits your gum health. Studies show regular exercise reduces inflammation. It can also reduce the risk of gum disease.1


Reduces your blood-sugar level. Exercise helps keep sugar from building up in your body. That can reduce your risk of diabetes and gum disease.

Improves your brain health and memory. Getting your heart rate up increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, which can help with learning and memory.

Helps you maintain strong bones. Exercise, along with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, is key to healthy teeth and bones. Take our quiz to test your knowledge about teeth and bone strength.



By working more exercise into your daily routine, you’re taking steps for better health and wellness for the entire family.